Vero Mix

Flavor: Banda Fuego
Quantity: 40 Pcs
Sale price$8.94


Vero Mix Banda Fuego

Sweet & Spicy / Lollipop

Vero Mix Banda Fuego Lollipop Candy will offer you a varety of delicious and famous flavors of Strawberry, Mango, and Watermelon. Sweet and Spicy kick with every lick

Quantity per Pack: 40 pcs

Vero Mix Dulce Club

Sweet / Lolilpop

Vero Mix Dulce Club Lollipop is a super sweet candy that is deliciouse with every lick. This Mexican Candy will make your heart happy with its incredible flavors which Include Chupadedos, Tarrito, Cupido, Manita De La Suerte and Pinta Azul.

Quantity per Pack: 20 pcs


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